Director : Timothy Birch 

“Funnily enough it was COVID that brought Timothy & I together. 

I had heard about this young guy doing cool things on the Sunshine Coast,Qld

(where I live these days).

Normally I spend most of my time away from home flying interstate or internationally for gigs, so to be forced into this stillness was a blessing. 

A mutual DJ friend of ours introduced us at a gig I was playing. We instantly hit it off. 

It was astonishing to me how I had never looked locally within my own community to collaborate, I suppose I just never had the time.

That’s what brought us together…..TIME

Plus an almost obsessive passion for the arts and complete admiration for each other’s work as artists.

Neither of us had ever shot a music video before so it was new ground. 

We were pumped to create something unique and completely me. I

 think we achieved that.

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