Speaking on the track, DÉ SAINT said, ZEPHYR calls for our independence by breaking down the walls that confine

us as we stand as a collective to the bullies that strive to control our everyday way of life.


ZEPHYR is a gentle breeze that floats over our cities which becomes a forceful wind of liberty. We want Freedom

to Travel & Explore, Freedom to Dance, Freedom to Decide what goes into our Bodies,

Freedom to hang with our Mates. Pretty basic rights – Right !!!
Born in Berlin just prior to covid smashing the

globe it’s quite strange that lyrically it reflects what we are continuously experiencing”.



DÉ SAINT. triple jumps into a production role with her debut single FEVER

A house / pop party starter built for the underground dance floor.

Twisted & re-edited original soul vocals are blended with the DJ’s own simple request to Bounce’

Heavy analogue (& live funk) bass lines throwback on Detroit beats lacing the tunes

3 minutes to the point of duration.




dé saint.